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May 23rd
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What the World Needs Now is your Brightness
More than ever, the world needs you to #GetBright. That’s why Body & Brain has established the Get Bright Campaign. #GetBright is about sharing Care, Hope, and Connection with those around you. It’s about creating those same things for yourself. If you think about it, the more you give Care, Hope, and Connection to others, the more you feel it yourself.
It’s Your Choice

Feeling your best starts with making good choices each day. What you eat, how you move, and what you focus on become daily habits and reality. You have the power to profoundly impact the quality and character of your life!

Body & Brain has established the Get Bright Campaign to help our community members remember to do the things that keep them feeling strong and healthy. As part of #GetBright, we’re sharing useful and empowering self-care information through our website, YouTube channel, and eNewsletter. 

Helpful Self-Care Messages & Exercises

Body & Brain is always looking for new ways to share self-care tips. In May, 2020, we’re offering a Free YouTube Live mini-class Wednesdays at 10am (1pm ET) and Thursdays at 5pm (8pm ET). Tune in to get a daily dose of simple self-care exercise and meditation. 

You can also catch a live “Family Class” at 1pm PDT on Mondays, as well as free online webinars and classes from our local centers across the country.

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Providing Free Classes to the Community

Body & Brain instructors across the country are reaching out to their local communities to provide support to those in need. Through open community classes, special sessions for healthcare workers, and more, Body & Brain is committed to helping those who help others.

For three weeks in May:

Body & Brain centers across the country will be offering free online yoga, tai chi, and meditation classes to the public as part of the Get Bright Campaign.

To learn more, please contact a center near you!

Share your #GetBright Story

We invite you to post your stories and tips as well! Share how you #GetBright by including #GetBright on your inspiring and uplifting social media posts! Let us know how you take care of yourself and share Care, Hope, and Connection in your community. Use the #GetBright hashtag and official #GetBright GIFs and Stickers to show your commitment!

10,000 posts and counting...

#GetBright for Mother's Day

We’re going to be sharing lots of #GetBright news and content leading up to Mother's Day. Join us in a Special event celebrating Families.

The #GetBright Spirit

Body & Brain was founded with the mission of sharing health, happiness, and peace through yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, and breathing. We seek to empower people to take care of themselves so that they can make positive contributions to their world.

Body & Brain is committed to being your best source of energy-based yoga, Tai Chi, breathing, and meditation practices. We want to help you live your best life, and to be someone who helps others do the same. Let’s #GetBright together!

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50% of the profits will be donated to The American Red Cross.
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